Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Tea Party Movie" Gives Comprehensive End-of-Year Review of the Largest Political Movement of 2009

The tea party movement has taken on new gravity with recent polls revealing its nationwide appeal as a near front runner in a hypothetical race between the major political parties and a fictitious “tea party”. The principles-based movement of fiscal conservatism, Constitutionally limited government and free markets continues to resonate with Mainstream America amid ever increasing Federal budgets, the specter of unpopular government controlled healthcare, recent climate change scandals and a anti-climactic Copenhagen Summit. Senator John Kerry and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee recently admitted the legitimacy of the movement warning of its potential impact in a fundraising letter to activists. TEA PARTY: The Documentary Film entered the tea party movement as a momentum building force early in November with over 200 grassroots-led screening parties around the country showing a portion of the film and an online sneak peek event held during more

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