Friday, July 23, 2010

Chuck Muth: Reality check for fledging Tea Party movement

As we enter the final stretch of Campaign 2010, it appears that at least some in the Tea Party movement are starting to come to grips with some political realities, such as…. To change public policy, you have to change public officials. Simply being right on the issues isn't enough to win elections. There are nut-and-bolts “things” campaigns and organizations must do to succeed at the ballot box. You see, it's not the best candidate who usually wins a race; it's the best campaign. Just look at how many mediocre elected officials we have in office today because they ran a better campaign than their decidedly better, at least on paper, opponent. Some Tea Party activists are beginning to realize that experienced conservative political operatives aren't the enemy and can help channel their passion into effective political action. Which brings me to another political reality: Majorities get to lead. And you win majorities through addition, not subtraction...more

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