Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible

Like many Americans, I have been encouraged by the average citizens who have taken private time and resources to take a stand for the good ole United States of America, the US Constitution and the founding principles and values of freedom and liberty at Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings. But like many who have attended these events, disgusted by the overt intentional destruction of our magnificent country by DC elitists, I am deeply troubled by that fact that NOBODY in Washington is listening or reacting to the growing voice of peaceful dissent. When folks refuse to listen, sooner or later, people stop talking. Early in the Tea Party movement, I wrote about the significant difference between the Boston Tea Party and the Tea Party movement of the 21st century. Namely, that complaining and marching in the 21st century was by no means equal to tossing British Tea in the Boston Harbor and flatly refusing to pay another penny in taxes to a tyrant clearly operating at odds with the American taxpayer. At the same time however, I believed that the Tea Party movement might one day reach a point in time and power when it could and would become a tangible tool for real pro-American change. With 20-30 million Americans now fully engaged in that movement, I believe that this day has arrived and that time is of the essence in capitalizing on the power that has grown within the Tea Party and Town Hall movement...read more

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