Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tina Carson with the ATP says the opposition is once again trying to misdirect folks.

Here is the correct info from their website:

The Tax Day Rally will be between San Pedro Dr. NE and Wyoming Blvd. NE from 4pm – 7pm

Once again, our friends Don Davis and Phil Marquez from KIVA 1550 AM, will be broadcasting live from the Albuquerque Tea Party Tax Day Rally.

We would like to ask our supporters who attend the rally to bring a portable or headset radio so that you can be informed by KIVA of relevant information, so that you will know what is going on outside your immediate surroundings. Useful information they will broadcast will include traffic and parking instructions, attendance estimates, encouragement of peaceful protest and such. We believe we can bring the crowd together as one through the radio broadcast in a very positive way.

KIVA will again be doing “man-on-the-street ” broadcasts from the street. They will simply approach a random person and ask if they can talk with them on the radio. You could be asked on the air what brought you out to the rally! Last year, every time that supporters were asked to be on the air, KIVA received well-spoken, well-reasoned, passionate statements, no matter the age, sex or race of the person. It was an amazing experience which we, along with KIVA, very much look forward to repeating this year.

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