Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kelsey Grammer Launching Tea Party TV

Jon Voight may be more outspoken, but for years Kelsey Grammer has been one of Hollywood's most prominent conservatives. Now, Grammer has taken his activism to its logical conclusion: This summer, he's backing the launch of The RightNetwork, an on-demand television channel catering to, in his words, "Americans who are looking for content that reflects and reinforces their perspective and world-view." The RightNetwork's rollout hasn't been without controversy. A press release from RightNetwork, which suggested that Comcast was a partner in the project, has since been taken down, and the broadcast giant has sternly denied any involvement (although it may still decide to carry the channel). In addition to churning out and retracting press releases, the network is plugging three original shows: Right To Laugh, which features conservative stand-up comedians (sample joke: "I think it's wrong to kill a fetus. Teenagers I'm not so sure about."); Politics & Poker, which is exactly what it sounds like; and Running, a documentary-style program that shadows a handful of first-time conservative congressional candidates (like Ari David, a comedian from Malibu who tells us he's running to take the seat "currently infested by Henry Waxman"). Judging by the trailer, Running may be the network's most compelling offering; it's a lot like the Real World, except most of the show's cast will never actually make it to the House...more

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