Friday, August 20, 2010

Tea Party coalition forming to push for balanced budget amendment

A new Tea Party coalition is in the works, The Daily Caller has learned, to begin an organized push for an amendment to the constitution requiring that the federal budget be balanced every year. One activist describes the effort as the logical next step for the movement that burst onto the scene early last year in response to government bailouts and stimulus packages. The coalition, named BBA Now, as in Balance Budget Amendment Now, plans to officially unveil its three-year plan in September, director of coalitions Kellen Giuda said in an interview. Part of the campaign includes petitioning 2010 congressional candidates, as well as presidential candidates in 2012, to sign a pledge in support of the effort. A balanced budget amendment restricts the government from spending more than its projected revenue every year, except for in times of war or a national emergency. BBA Now was formed out of the Renewing American Leadership organization, whose honorary chairman is Newt Gingrich and whose mission is to “preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.” More than 80 groups have signed up to be part of the Common Sense Balanced Budget Amendment Campaign coalition...more

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