Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tea Party Movement Has Had a Positive Impact on American Politics

In the last few decades there has been no political movement comparable to the Tea Parties. The Tea Party Movement is unique because it is entirely grassroots and desires to change American politics from the bottom-up. The mainstream media and the Democratic leadership all misunderstand and grossly underestimate the movement. They have labeled it a movement of extreme right-wing nuts that are angry at having a black President, or don't want to pay taxes, or "cling to guns and religion". They are wrong. In fact, the Tea Party Movement is a mainstream "awakening" that has been long overdue and will not whither and die within a couple years as some predict. The Tea Party groups are a loose and decentralized coalition of libertarians, conservatives, disenchanted independents and moderate democrats. Tea Partiers are not a concentrated group of ideologues but a diverse collection of regular groups that are alarmed at the direction of the country...more

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