Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Tea party' movement faces challenge of having no single leader, goal

Even as it gains momentum and attracts substantial donations following a string of primary-election wins, the "tea party" movement is facing the challenges of a grass-roots organization that has no central leadership or single goal. On Tuesday, word spread that Tea Party Nation had canceled for lack of interest the convention it planned to hold in Las Vegas next month. Some tea party activists have frowned upon the Tennessee-based group, which was accused of profiteering when it charged $500 for admission to its first convention, in Nashville, in the spring. The tea party movement, a loose confederation of conservative activists who began organizing shortly after President Obama took office, is best known for its protests in Washington and elsewhere against what its members view as out-of-control spending. But the organization also includes national groups that have staged some of the demonstrations, donated money to political campaigns and organized other events...more

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