Friday, September 17, 2010

Viguerie in victory statement says Tea Party "poised to take over" GOP

Jubilation is spreading across the ranks of the Tea Party movement as the smoke clears from Tuesday's amazing barrage at the Republican Establishments in Delaware, New York, and New Hampshire. Long-time New Right leader Richard A. Viguerie, whose direct mail firm has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for conservative causes since the 1970s, said the Tea Party movement is "poised to take over" the GOP." He has been a major mover in the Tea Party movement with his web site. "Establishment Republicans have no idea how livid Americans are with them," Viguerie said. “Republican leaders are in a panic because they have lost control of the Republican Party. Grassroots constitutional conservatives are inside the Citadel, and are poised to take over." Viguerie pointed to the O'Donnell win, as well as New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's defeat of former Rep. Rick Lazio and New Hampshire Senate candidate Ovide Lamontage's razor thin loss to former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, as the latest evidence that “all across the country -- in the Northeast, the South, the West -- Americans feel betrayed by Republican politicians. Last night’s election results show that the grassroots anger is directed at more than just the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrats."...more

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