Sunday, January 9, 2011

Harry Reid Predicts Tea Party Will ‘Disappear’

Time Magazine predicted that the Tea Party would soon break up like the Beatles (apparently one of the Tea Party members is going to start dating Yoko), and now Harry Reid is making a similar claim. The Tea Party, said Reid, was “borne because of the economy,” so it will disappear when the economy fully recovers. “Ignoring the truth” doesn’t begin to describe it. The health care takeover and all manner of shock & awe-style spending binges and pork shams Harry Reid was at the forefront in shoving down America’s throat was much of the reason the Tea Party came to fruition, and it’s now likely to stay motivated as long as politicians like Reid remain in office and committed to finishing the job. This means, somewhat ironically, that if Harry Reid wants to help fast-track a Tea Party breakup, the greatest single contribution he could make would be to resign his Senate seat. And to think that Nevadans just passed up a grand opportunity to send this guy back to Searchlight for a lengthy retirement...more

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