Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tea Party is the political movement of the decade

If there is one political movement that has truly shaken the foundations of the American political system in 2010, it is the Tea Party movement. In fact I would describe is as the most influential movement in America of the past decade, even of this generation. What started off as a tiny patchwork of local protest groups has emerged as a mighty political force across the United States, clearly capable of bringing the White House to its knees. The Tea Party played a pivotal role in igniting the conservative revolution that swept through the United States over the past year, culminating in the midterm elections, where it scored notable successes in both House and Senate races. Pre-election polls showed it had become even more powerful than President Obama at the ballot box, and a post-election survey by Gallup showed the Tea Party virtually neck and neck with Obama in terms of voter opinion on who should influence government policy.  Over the past year I have met many Tea Party activists who have come through Washington. They are to their very core patriots with a deep love for their country, possessing a hugely admirable attachment to the Constitution and the vision of the Founding Fathers. It is impossible to predict the course of their movement, especially as they now wield real power in Washington, and in some cases have moved from protest into Congress. But America undoubtedly has a far brighter future because of the Tea Party. And the battles its foot soldiers have waged, and continue to wage, against the overbearing power of Big Government will help keep the flame of individual liberty and freedom alive in the United States for future generations...more

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