Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dana Milbank: Obama unravels, Tea Party grows

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post teed off on that shouting match Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got into on Monday with the Code Pinkies and other crazies who support her. He pointed out: “At Monday’s opening session, attendance was sparse: 10 empty tables and about 200 empty chairs.” The most powerful woman in politics attends a forum whose opening session had only 10 people in it? He made a keen observation, particularly in light of Tuesday’s primaries which saw conservatives strengthen their position in the Republican Party. From Dana Milbank of the Washington Post: “Political movements tend to unravel gradually, but on Tuesday this one seemed to be imploding in real time. As the Tea Party right has gained strength, Obama’s hope-and-change left has faded. The frustration has crystallized at the gathering this week of demoralized activists.” Mind you, this is the much-mocked Tea Party that was supposed to be Astroturf and all that garbage...more

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