Monday, June 21, 2010

Power Grabs and Pixie Dust - A Book Review

Power Grab by Christopher C. Horner, Regnery, 396 pgs.

This book is a 307 page horror story.

Let me explain.

Within its pages you will find scary chapter after scary chapter of what is being done to or with our natural resources by Obama and his “green” appointees.

You will also find the facts surrounding the “Power Grab” by the Executive at the expense of the Legislative and the progressive agenda behind the power shift.

Between the covers of this well-written and thoroughly documented book, you will discover:

° How and why Obama is appointing “Czars” to skirt the advise and consent provisions of the Constitution
° How Obama is using global warming as “Political Payola” and as a vehicle for “Taxing and Stealing Your Liberties”
°How green jobs programs “kill existing jobs to pay for the new, heavily subsidized and temporary” jobs.
°How the Blue-Green Alliance, a coalition of labor and environmental groups, is using the environment “as a way to organize society and divvy the spoils”
°How organized labor is using “greenmail” – using environmental challenges to green utility projects – to force companies to go union

And that is just a small sample of the horror stories related in this interesting volume.

Possibly of most interest to readers of The Westerner is Chapter 6, Domestic Disturbance: Locking Up Our Resources and Shutting Down The Economy. Therein Mr. Horner describes how, using the “anti-growth, anti-energy radicals” now installed they seek to impose a policy of “energy poverty” on our country. Horner walks us through how Obama rushed to tie up the nation’s energy resources by moratoriums, postponements, shortening the duration of drilling leases and suspending governmental research and development.

Mr. Horner demonstrates throughout the book the endgame the greens seek to impose:
If the greens achieve their desired mandates, they will in effect finally codify lower levels of economic activity, individual wealth creation, and of course consumption.
Yes, a book of horror stories. But don’t let that scare you off. While this book is full of facts and has 77 pages of footnotes, it is well organized and Horner is a talented writer. He spices things up with such phrases and titles as “Renewable Fools” and “Fill ‘Er Up With Solar”; refers to Al Gore’s green enterprises as “pixie dust companies" and calls the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) the “Less Competition For Saudies measure.”

Finally, Horner ends on a positive note, calling us out to take action:
But these freedoms are not theirs to take from you. Fight back. And tell your kids and grandkids what you did in this war.
This book will make a great addition to your war arsenal.

I had previously posted a video of an interview of Mr. Horner which you can view here.

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