Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tea Party Conservative Jumps to 8% Lead in Senate Race!

Despite a last-minute blitz of attack ads against her (running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars), tea party activist Conservative Republican Sharron Angle has seen her poll numbers rise even further. According to a brand new Suffolk University Political Research poll, Angle has now jumped to an 8% lead over former front-runner Sue Lowden. The previous two polls conducted in this race had Angle trailing Sue Lowden by 1% (Mason-Dixon) while a Public Policy Polling survey had Angle actually ahead of Lowden by 3%. The Tea Party Express endorsed Angle on April 15th at a National Press Club news conference in Washington, D.C. At the time Angle was at 5% in the polls and badly trailed Sue Lowden who was at 47%. After a nearly $500,000 advertising blitz by the Tea Party Express (and a new $400,000 ad campaign by the Club for Growth which began advertising for Angle last week) Angle has now erased that deficit and has taken the lead...more

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