Monday, March 1, 2010

Albq. Tea Party: Sign Sabotage

Received the following email from a couple:

Mr. Dubois,
I found your blog through Google. Are you active in the ABQ Tea Party? I am trying to find the person(s) who are hosting the TEA Party in front of the IRS on April 15th. Do you know anything about it? I've seen signs all over ABQ but can't figure out who is putting them up.

I gave them the contact info for the ATP and they soon sent me the following response:

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 20:02:41 -0700
From: tina......
Subject: Fw: “Tea Party” Signs Not Affiliated With ATP

We need your help in spreading the word about an attempt to sabotage our April 15th Rally. Please read and share the press release below. After the plane crashed into the IRS building in Texas, the MSM was trying to connect it with the Tea Party Movement. At the same time, the signs mentioned below started popping up in the Northeast Heights, near where our Rally was held last April. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that Organizing For America has recently opened an office in Albuquerque. Please note there is no contact information on the flyer. ATP sponsored events will always have our logo and contact information. I removed nearly 30 of these today.

Tina Carson

Albuquerque Tea Party, Inc.
P.O. Box 25431
Albuquerque, NM 87125-5431

February 28. 2010News Release

“Tea Party” Signs Not Affiliated With ATP

For Immediate Release:

Several signs promoting a “Tea Party” rally at Montgomery and San Mateo on April 15 have begun popping up around Albuquerque. A photo of the signs is attached to this release. The Albuquerque Tea Party (ATP) is not responsible for, nor affiliated with, anyone posting these signs around town.
ATP is, of course, planning to hold its second annual April 15th Tax Day Rally, but the exact time and location has yet to be determined. Any advertising, news releases or announcements will always feature the official ATP logo.
All official announcements about the April 15 Rally or any other ATP events will always be featured at the ATP website at

Unfortunately, something we should all be cognizant of: organizations trying to distort, misrepresent or otherwise disrupt the tea party movement.


  1. I second Tina Carson's alert. All ATP flyers carry the ATP logo and contact info. Please keep that in mind. Should anyone see a flyer without the ATP logo and contact information, it does not belong to nor was posted by the Albuquerque Tea Party.

    The ATP is gaining increasingly greater influence among New Mexicans concerned about government intervening in the economy and trying to control us. For instance, at ATP's successful Gubernatorial Forum on February 27, it is estimated that 375 people carefully listened to the candidates despite the auditorium's overheated air. All major TV stations sent cameras to record the event. Half a dozen bloggers and other media attended as well. KRQE reported the event on their 10:PM news program that very night. An article in the ABQ Journal favorably referred to the Forum.

    It is equally noteworthy that during the ATP Forum questions dealing with restoration of a free-market economy and individual rights were raised. How was such a program responded to? One man said, "This is a great show!" A number of other attendees complimented the ATP for "a wonderful forum."

    The fact is that New Mexicans, like a vast number of other Americans, are fed up with the government "messing with our lives"---to paraphrase one writer. Those attempting to sabotage the ATP are supporting the notion that our lives should be messed with. There is no other interpretation to put on this more recent attack on the ATP.

    I urge New Mexcians to stop and think: is the kind of government we want a government that would support such dishonesty as posting false information?

    Sylvia Bokor

  2. Thanks for your pertinent comments.