Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From tea to coffee: The latest flavor in political discourse

Jason Baker wants to talk politics. And he wants to do it over a cup of joe. "It's about just getting the conversation started, getting people to wake up," he said. Baker is part of a new political movement that's sweeping across the country, now part of a fast-growing group known as the Coffee Party. The group was created by filmmaker Annabel Parks just six weeks ago. Since, it has gone viral on facebook and YouTube, reaching 100,000 people. "There was a flurry of feedback from people who agreed with me, who similarly felt pent up and frustrated," Parks said in YouTube.com video. With many Americans steaming over our nation's politics, the Coffee Party is an obvious play off of the Tea Party demonstrations. But there's a difference. "We don't need to protest to find a solution," Baker said. Coffee Partiers said the flavor of the Tea Party was too strong with too much finger-pointing. In a way, it's sort of a decaf version that's focused more on discussion than on demostration (sic)...read more

Do they really think a half-assed decaf approach will get the attention of politicians? This may be good for the purveyors of coffee but it will do nothing to turn this country around.

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