Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RNC angers Tea Party, and now the Tea Party has competition

The leaked RNC fundraising presentation has now upset the conservative Tea Party wing of the party. Judson Phillips, who organized last month’s National Tea Party convention, stated "They [Republicans] freaking don't get it.” Phillips alluded to the feeling that the RNC sees small donors as reactionaries motivated only by fear, not intelligence. It is too early to know if this document will have any ramifications to the GOP/Tea Party relationship. With 2010 elections eight months away, the relationship will most likely be scar free. But the outburst by the Tea Party is a warning to both parties. The American voter is smarter than fear tactics, and has a mind of its own; Scott Brown’s victory proves such. In this trying time, each party should focus on ideas not fear. Anyway, the Tea Party now has competition; the Coffee Party. Founder Annabel Park hopes to create a toned down atmosphere for political conversation...read more

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