Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What have you heard about the Tea Parties?

Most of us have had some experience with the Tea Party movement over the past year. Maybe you attended or organized a rally, watched one on t.v., or saw the media coverage given to these protests. You may have formed an opinion of this group of people through experience, or through the lens of others' opinions, good or bad. Recent attention to this movement has again revived, with the election of Scott Brown and growing media attention. In January, SAM had the opportunity to conduct extensive market research with leaders of the Tea Parties, both through questionnaires and through in-depth one-on-one interviews. What we found challenges much of the information currently on the market. Now see what the activists themselves had to say about the Tea Parties: their motivations, their fears, and who they support for president in 2012...Sam Adams Alliance

The report is here.

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