Monday, January 18, 2010

The Boston Tea Party of 2010

My fellow Conservatives have feared failure. Always shrewd behind the scenes observers have warned not to enthuse or look to an ambush ahead. In what for some has seemed a never ending wake since Ronald Reagan died as many mourned the burial of the American ideals. Yet long ago there was an idea of freedom that made this country an oasis in this world as the beacon of light that it has been for over 200 years. And yes caution is necessary, but it is not all and a muddy carefulness doesn't win battles. Passion and footwork and a viable idea of freedom does. And fed up Americans, many of whom who were never politically active before started to stir at town halls. It is they who have truly brought hope and indeed have the audacity to change what seemed so certain a short time ago. It is the same old story of a fight against unfair taxation and longing to live one's life in liberty. A cry of outrage has grown over this country under a banner aptly dubbed The Tea Party movement. Now rebellions have broken out in some of those same colonies of long ago. Voices have been heard in Virginia and New Jersey. And now it is brewing in Massachusetts, the port that this modern day monarchy has called home for so long. In fact it is about to bubble more

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