Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poll Shows Strength of Tea Party Movement in Mass. Special Election

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A poll out on Election Night by Rasmussen Reports surveyed Massachusetts voters about their perceptions on various issues, including the tea party movement.

"Massachusetts Voters Split on Tea Party Movement" was the headline, with 40% of voters viewing the tea party movement favorably, and 41% viewing it unfavorably.

Tea Party activist, Amy Kremer, who serves as Director, Grassroots & Coalitions, for the Tea Party Express made these comments tonight in response to the Rasmussen Reports poll:

"These numbers are amazing. In Massachusetts, one of the bluest of blue states, 40% of voters view the anti-tax, anti-government spending, greater personal liberty tea party movement favorably.

"This is an effort that began less than one year ago, and yet the awareness and support for the tea party movement has reached a sizable chunk of voters in Massachusetts.

"We saw the first hints of the power of this grassroots uprising in the NY-23 Special Election, where conservatives rose up and forced the GOP to drop their support for the liberal DeDe Scozzafava. On that same day voters in New Jersey and Virginia also delivered a shockwave to the political system.

"And now, a great victory has been won in Massachusetts.

"Many different groups involved in the tea party movement contributed to Scott Brown's victory in a number of ways, and each brought their own strengths to the table. The totality of this effort was a massive surge in fundraising for Brown, volunteers for Brown, and hundreds of thousands of phone calls made in support of Brown and the Get-Out-The-Vote effort.

"Some of the tea party movement's critics have repeatedly sought to undermine this movement by sensationalizing the occassional personality clash or difference in tactics by one group or another. But in the end principles drive this movement and the passions of tea party activists brought them together in common cause once again.

"To those who oppose this movement and who think that we in the tea party movement are going away, or that we won't work together, you are wrong. Too much is at stake, and tonight's victory in Massachusetts is just the start of things to come."

- Amy Kremer, Director, Grassroots & Coalitions - Tea Party Express

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