Saturday, January 30, 2010

GOP leaders adopt litmus test of values for candidates

In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committeeon Friday unanimously called onits chairman,Michael S. Steele, to "carefully screen" candidates for their adherence to conservative values before granting them RNC financial help. The resolution specifically calls on the national chairman to take into account thevotingrecords and statements of all GOP candidatesfor evidence that they supportthe "core principles and positions" ofthe party's nationalplatform, widely regarded as a highlyconservative more


  1. Historically speaking, the party of an incumbent president almost always loses in the mid-term election. The pundits are telling us that 2010 will be no exception. I wouldn't be too sure of that. The Tea Party knuckleheads are already claiming responsibility for last week's Massachusetts upset and have every intention charting the GOP's future course. When the powers-that-be within the RNC deny them the ability to set the agenda, they'll splinter off into third and fourth party uprisings.

    How can I be so sure of this? It's quite simple, really. These people are not only crazy, they're also dumber than doggy dung - and, thus, very easy to predict. It's only a matter of time before their mad house of cards comes crashing down.

    The ten months between now and Election Day will only see the continued implosion of the "party of Lincoln". Count on it.

    Tom Degan

  2. We can revisit this on election day.