Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is an Electoral Bloodbath Coming?

The L.A. Times' Nancy Cohen is convinced that the Democrats need not worry that 2010 may be a repeat of 1994, the year the Democrats lost 52 seats and I am finding myself agreeing with her, but for a different reason: It may be far worse. Scott Brown's victory is a tsunami that could portend a shakeup in November of epic proportions. Forget 52 seats, there's now a danger for the party in power that they could lose 75 or even 100 seats this fall. That may sound far-fetched, but no more far-fetched than a Republican state senator with a connection to the Tea Party movement winning Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts. America remains a center-right country and President Obama misread the election results after 2008 as a mandate for turning the country leftward. He tried too hard, too fast to move the country where it wasn't naturally inclined to go. His election was a cry for a change from the status quo. But it was not a desire for a massive ideological shift rather it was desire for a change in more

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