Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tea Party Movie Gets Ready for Screenings Nationwide

The recent election of Republican Scott Brown to the United States Senate has upset the political establishment in Washington and established the tea party movement as a legitimate grassroots force in American politics. Now, the newly updated film trailer proclaims Tea Party: The Documentary Film is driving momentum as the “story of 2009 and the must see film for 2010”. It is being viewed as a key to understanding the winning message of a movement whose core tenets - Constitutionally limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility and free markets - are transcending partisan divides. The National Tea Party Convention will show the film on Thursday, February 4th at 9PM to a Nashville, Tennessee audience of over 600 convention-goers including keynote speaker Sarah Palin and several Hollywood celebrities. The film will also be shown as a part of the CPAC conference in Washington, DC on Friday, February 19 at 10:00PM. Grassroots activists who are featured in the film are planning to attend. The film will be shown in locations nationwide on Saturday, February 27 on the one year anniversary date of the more

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