Saturday, February 6, 2010

...the beginning of a new political party?

Even though the national Tea Party movement is inspired from the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773, this movement is more than just fighting against the unAmerican agendas of Obama and the Democratic Party, it's about keeping the country true to its national and political heritage, and preventing the United States Constitution from being slowly eroded and destroyed by statist and progressive elements within the government and outside as well. The movement could be setting itself to become a new political party of the future, despite the movement's birth pangs so far. Just like the Republican Party went through its birth pangs in 1850s - a coalition of Whigs, Northern Democrats, free soil radicals, abolitionists, free market advocates, and free speech activists, all struggling to form into an opposing political force against the powerful Democratic machine that ruled America. At that time, the country was largely driven by agrarian-based and slave-based economies. How times have changed, at great costs, since then. The way I see from this Tea Party movement as becoming a thorn to the Democrats and a hook to the Republicans. I think the real goal of the national Tea Party movement is to demonstrate before America and the world that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has a monopoly in the U.S. Congress, the government and the whole country. Frankly, it could become a third political party, as a counterweight to both the Democrats and the Republicans in more

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