Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Party Convention - Links To 10 Articles

The grass-roots movement that exploded across the nation last year in revolt against President Obama's economic policies and health-care agenda reached a critical milestone Thursday as hundreds of conservative activists converged here for the start of the inaugural National Tea Party Convention. Despite the fractiousness, however, officials said the event is sold out, with 600 "delegates" registered and scores more being turned away. The closing steak-and-lobster banquet, featuring Palin, has sold 1,100 tickets. Unlike the protests and town hall rage that defined the tea party movement in its first year, the convention is designed to show that the effort is "growing up," said convention spokesman Mark Skoda, chairman of the Memphis Tea Party. There will be sessions on leadership, political philosophy and such nuts-and-bolts topics as "how to do voter registration drives," as tea party leaders try to turn grass-roots power into political gain in November's midterm more Washington Post

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  1. Will the Tea Party Organizers refund the ticket cost to those loyal Tea Party members who won't be able to get to Nashiville because of the East Coast snowstorm?