Friday, February 19, 2010

The Contract From America: Why CPAC Matters Now More Than Ever

This Thursday at CPAC, the Tea Party Patriots will unveil a grassroots-generated, crowd-sourced, bottom-up call for real economic, conservative and government reform. It’s called the Contract From America. It’s not the handiwork of me or any public official. It is the genuine voice of the American people. Unlike the current political dynamic, in which the will of Washington is forced on America, this is the voice of America coming to Washington. The idea of a grassroots-generated call for reform came from Ryan Hecker of the Tea Party Patriots. Here’s how Ryan explains why he started the process of giving citizens the power to change Washington: “We started this to give every American the opportunity to make a difference and to tell elected officials that it’s now time for them to listen to the people. We also see this as a way to help unite the Tea Party movement and transform it from a purely protest movement to one calling for proactive and positive reform.” From the idea of the Contract came a website, launched in September 2009. At hundreds of thousands of Americans have submitted and debated thousands of solutions for creating jobs, securing liberty and reclaiming our government. After much debate and a series of surveys, the list of solutions has been narrowed to more

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