Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Hollywood Hits CPAC

Conservatives need to stop whining. That's what producers and entertainment veterans Larry O'Connor and Kevin McKeever spent the morning telling attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference ( CPAC ). Want to get more conservative programming? Films? Theater? Want to work in the entertainment industry? Then "be an American, don't give up -- it'll happen, if you're good," said McKeever. Just don't whine that conservatives never get a break. The two conservatives, who say they are a part of a "secret society" of like-minded folks behind and in front of the camera and on stage, don't deny that some "ninety percent" of the industry is liberal. The very fact that they have to be part of a "secret society" that centers on networking and advancing the careers of conservatives in entertainment says they have a long way to go, but there are much more of them now than ever before. "Up to 2 years ago, life for a conservative in Hollywood really sucked," said O'Connor, who writes for Breitbart's Big Hollywood and counts himself part of a growing group of conservatives making things happen for up-and-comers in L.A. He said writers, especially, need to be "good" and not strive to be the next conservative splash. The only way they will be successful is to write stuff that is funny, touching and marketable, and to allow the conservative sensibilities to flow naturally. In other words, though it might seem unfair, no one is going to sell anything in Hollywood or New York if its marketed with in-your-face "conservative or libertarian themes." Not only is that "boring," said O'Connor, but a death knell in such a liberal more

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