Friday, February 12, 2010

Tea Party movement an ever-growing force

What’s most interesting is that liberals seem to be spending an extraordinary amount of time hemming and hawing, attempting to destroy what they keep insisting is a fringe, inconsequential movement. Our very own Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, meant what he said when he referred to Tea Partiers as “evil-mongers.” His counterpart in the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calls them “un-American.” The problem for liberals, though, is that despite the negatives, the Tea Party supporters have survived tooth-and-nail, fighting their way through the typical roadblocks and landmines left by their opponents. In fact, a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll—outlets not exactly known as conservative bulwarks—revealed that “45 percent [of respondents] say…they agree strongly or somewhat strongly with [the Tea Party’s] positions….” What mainstream conservatives are currently grappling with, though, is how to channel the grassroots groundswell surrounding the Tea Party movement and apply it to the more mainstream GOP platform. They’re having a problem bringing this baggage-heavy group into the conservative fold, and without tarnishing the precious little positive energy the GOP has established through recent political wins. But Gary Emineth, Chairman of the North Dakota State Republican Party, thinks he’s found a way. In Bismarck, N.D., today, Emineth and his team in the North Dakota GOP are hosting a conference of state Tea Partiers, Republican activists, social and fiscal conservatives and Republican state politicians in a town-hall-style gathering. The intention is to bring these heretofore disparate but politically conservative groups together to increase their numbers, bolster their efforts and bring some level of organization and direction to a grassroots organization desperately in need of more

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