Friday, May 28, 2010

GOP moves to repeal healthcare law

House Republican leaders introduced a bill Thursday to repeal and replace the sweeping healthcare law adopted in late March. According to Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the measure would repeal the current law and replace it with the alternative the minority party offered to the original healthcare legislation last November. “As unpopular as this healthcare bill is today, it’s at the height of its popularity,” Blunt said. “The more the American people know about it, the more concerns they are going to have, and the more they are going to look at alternatives.” Chances are slim Republicans could get their measure to the floor, given the Democratic majorities in the chamber, but it could make a useful campaign tool for the party. The vote on healthcare reform has become a political issue in a year rife with anti-incumbent sentiment. Tea Party activists opposed the legislation and protested on Capitol Hill during the March vote, shouting, “Kill the bill.”...more

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