Monday, May 24, 2010

Tea Party Evolution

The Tea Party movement has become one of the most influential grassroots movements that this nation has ever seen. We have educated others about the anti-American direction that the government is heading, organized against the most powerful leaders of both parties and halted their advancements at the polls. We have fought against unconstitutional nonsense coming out of our town halls, state capitols and Washington D.C. We’ve enjoyed a lot of success and suffered our share of defeats. Win or lose, the Tea Party has become bigger, stronger and wiser. Regardless of the growth and advancement of the movement, we face two major challenges, both of which have the potential to destroy the entire movement. The first is a lack of leadership and a common direction. If a group doesn’t have these, they’re doomed to slowly wither away and lose all momentum and certainly all influence that they’ve earned. Who would make suitable leaders? What direction is the right direction for the Tea Party? With the wide array of individuals and ideals within the movement, this is nearly possible for any one person to define. Certainly smaller government, vast reduction in government spending and the protection of Constitutional liberties are among the most important values for all Tea Party members. The second challenge is a divisive leadership. Given the vast spectrum of beliefs within the group, if leadership isn’t chosen very carefully, it will be very easy to choose leaders who, while inspiring some, may deter others and reduce involvement. This is something that must be handled soon and with caution. If we wait until we absolutely need leaders to find them, finding those who won’t be divisive will be as daunting of a task as convincing Chris Matthews to join us...more

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