Friday, May 14, 2010

Non-partisan Tea Party - liberals' worst nightmare

A Tea Party leader says the recent defeat of Utah Senator Robert Bennett demonstrates that the American people are moving in a conservative direction where party affiliation no longer matters. Earlier this week, 14-term Democratic Congressman Alan Mollohan was soundly defeated by a far more conservative Democrat in the party primary. In Utah, three-term Republican Senator Robert Bennett was rejected at the recent state GOP convention, and two candidates, who are considered more conservative, will square off in a GOP primary to determine a Republican nominee for November. Dale Robertson ( Robertson, a former Marine and founder of, says voters are clearly unhappy with what has been going on in Washington with incumbents from both parties. The former Marine believes the Tea Party movement has made candidates more accountable to ordinary Americans and less accountable to special interests. The Tea Party leader suggests that conservatives unite with an individual candidate who represents the conservative values of their local community, regardless of party affiliation...more

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