Sunday, May 9, 2010

GOP starts cleaning house in Utah

Is the GOP starting to remember its roots and recover the principles the party once stood for under Ronald Reagan? If the recent ousting of US Senator Bob Bennett in Utah is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. For Utah Republicans, it seems Bennett’s vote for the Wall Street bailout and his support for a bill that would mandate health insurance were too egregious to send the Senator back to Washington to represent the state. Bennett also voted for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug entitlement, and is notorious for earmarking. The Utah GOP made the right decision to send him packing. Bennet’s ousting demonstrates an energized, limited-government conservative movement that has not existed since Ronald Reagan led the party. With help from tea party activists, conservative principles are becoming en vogue again. Of course, thanks should also be bestowed on President Obama for advancing such overtly leftist policies most Americans right find abhorrent; his agenda has reignited the liberty movement’s flame. The GOP has the opportunity, this election cycle, to restore credibility with the American people by fielding candidates who oppose the rapid, unfettered expansion of government and promote liberty-minded policies aimed at reforming decades of broken government programs and processes, and most importantly, drain the trough of benefits and entitlements that special interest feed from...more

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