Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Bringing Down Bob Bennett, Club for Growth Proves a Real 'Power Player'

A few months ago, Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday" featured Club for Growth President Chris Chocola as a "Power Player of the Week." Last week, that status was confirmed. Thanks in large part to the Club for Growth -- a powerful, free market, pro-growth conservative organization -- on Saturday an incumbent Republican senator whose name had never been linked to scandal was simply denied his party's nomination. The ouster of Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah "marks the first time the Club's PAC has defeated an incumbent Republican senator," Chocola wrote in an e-mail to supporters. "It will set off a political earthquake in Congress." You could hardly blame him for crowing: The Club began attacking Bennett in TV ads many months ago. In Florida. the Club for Growth was an early backer of Marco Rubio's primary challenge of Gov. Charlie Crist, a campaign that drove Crist out of the Republican primary and out of the Republican Party altogether...more

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