Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are Rainmakers Crashing the Tea Party?

The first National Tea Party Convention seems to have scored a coup by securing Sarah Palin as the keynote speaker for next month’s confab, which organizers are billing as an opportunity to gather groups from across the country to bring their movement “to the next level.” But the convention’s lineup and eye-popping registration fee have raised questions about whether the Tea Party fringe will succeed in maintaining its popular momentum as the right-wing establishment begins to come on board. Appearing alongside Palin at the event will be Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn, members of the GOP’s far-right flank who rallied the Tea Partiers on Capitol Hill last month. They’ll be joined by established stalwarts from the religious right, including former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore—infamous for refusing to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from his courtroom—and far-right preacher Rick Scarborough, a follower of Jerry Falwell's. Given the populist appeal of the Tea Party brand, it’s no surprise that the religious right and other established factions of the GOP would try to jump aboard—and that Tea Party organizers with national aspirations would welcome them as they try to increase their political traction. But these established groups also operate according to the dictums of any Beltway political machine, using their base to raise funds and support their national operation. And such an approach has already alienated some of the true believers who are still its animating more


  1. Grassroots Movement = Tea Party = for the people by the people

    Tea Party Convention =Sarah Palin as main speaker= quit as Governor= tickets to the event are $549 each???!!!???

    It seems the two statements should have nothing to do with each other...

    The real members of the Tea Party Movement are not quitters...We don't abandon our elected posts, our jobs, or responsibilities. This movement was born out of sheer frustration with Washington, the Big Brother Police State, and taxation without representation. Now the Tea Party Movement has been infiltrated, watered down, and Sarah Palin has been elected Rogue Queen of the Movement. What a crock! And $549 for 1 ticket!!! That's highway robbery! Compare this with the upcoming Campaign for Liberty Convention in Atlanta GA 1/15-1/17/2010..Ron Paul is the main speaker who has voted Constitutionally and said no to bigger government, unnecessary war, and higher taxes... and the price to attend his Convention? 65$!!!

    When are so-called 'Conservatives' and 'Republicans' going to learn? Perhaps, they don't want to truly experience liberty and America the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be. Perhaps, having FOX (FAUX) NEWS spoon feed them their new opinions on Obama, Endless War, and Al Quaeda is what they settle for...Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity validate their existence and entertain the fake 'Conservatives' all the while they bash True conservatives and Americans like Ron Paul.

    Evidence of insult and discrimination against True Conservatives and Constitutionalists by FOX (FAUX) NEWS and their Underlings:

    Glenn Beck calls Ron Paul supporters 'terrorists':

    Hannity insults/discredits Ron Paul and his supporters:
    Ron Paul Florida Post Debate w/ Hannity & Colmes 10-21-07
    Hannity tries to discount the poll results but Ron Paul forces Hannity to affront the audience, insult FOX News, or admit Ron Paul won. In all, a great interview and surprisingly civil.

    Huckabee attempting to debate Ron Paul and showing his ignorance on foreign policy:

    An old post of mine explaining Huckabee's flawed logic, his past failures and non conservative voting record, and his discrediting of a Constitutional Conservative Tea Party or Third Party:

    Campaign for Liberty Atlanta, GA Conference 1/15-1/17/2010 only $65!!!:

    Campaign for Liberty Atlanta, GA schedule:

    Tea Party Nation Convention Ticket Price only 549$!!!:
    Tea Party Nation Convention Schedule:

    Which one of the above events could the average American more likely attend? Especially during these times of rising unemployment and financial uncertainty?

    Please examine what I have presented and decide which kind of Conservative or Constitutionalist you are!!!

    Do you want lower taxes, limited federal government, and the freedom to exercise your Constitutional Rights?

    Or do you want bigger more bloated Federal Govt, more Endless War, more pork barrel projects, and more bills like the Patriot Act (brought to you by the Neo-Conservative George W Bush)?

    In Truth and Liberty,

    Joey Fuller

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    upcoming site:

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  2. Thanks for the comment. Love that "Rogue Queen".