Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our decision to sit out of the Tea Party Convention

Earlier yesterday we announced our support of the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville this February. At the time, we were basing our support on limited knowledge of those involved and we trusted that all was well. A deep discussion on whether or not to support the event took place among our leadership team, and it was determined that we would go forward with the endorsement. However, throughout the evening we were met with a plethora of replies, emails and Facebook messages that revealed a high level of concern across the board. At first, I personally had tried to explain that most of the concerns were based on assumptions, but later in the evening some very compelling evidence was put forth that painted a much different picture. I will not go into too much detail about the evidence. I’m fairly confident that it will present itself during the next few days. In summary, the controversy surrounding the event involves conversations about the infrastructure of the Tea Party Nation and the way its finances are channeled through private bank accounts and paypal accounts. The American Liberty Alliance will pass on being involved with the Nashville event, and we’ll ask to be removed from the sponsors more

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