Monday, January 11, 2010

Tea Party Candidate - Sarah Palin vs. Gary Johnson

But is there a presidential candidate who embodies the principles of the Tea Partiers, with their opposition to big government, high taxation, debt and spending, and collusion between the state and too-big-to-fail institutions?. The conventional wisdom is that Sarah Palin will be the Tea Party candidate in the GOP primaries, running as a symbol of rebellion against Obama and Obama-ism. I suspect that Palin will receive a significant amount of Tea Party support, and perhaps even become the favored candidate of Tea Partiers. But I also think that, should he choose to run, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson would give the Alaskan a run for her money amongst the disaffecteds and is a much more natural fit for the Tea Partiers inasmuch as Johnson, not Palin, is the candidate who is least like Obama in the race. I would distinguish Gov. Palin and Gov. Johnson thusly: Sarah Palin is the Republican Obama, while Gary Johnson is the Anti-Obama. In other words, it is Palin who is the right-wing version of President Obama, while Johnson is the polar opposite of Obama in every way. Gov. Johnson, meanwhile, comes out of the gate as a more mainstream version of Ron Paul, and he brings with him Paul’s mix of classical liberalism and classical conservatism. And how does Gary Johnson approach the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of nature? He climbed to the top of Mount Everest. With a broken leg. Obama and Palin submit to nature. Gary Johnson conquers more

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