Monday, January 11, 2010

Tea Party Patriots angry at impersonators

Today’s grassroots tea party movement came about in 2007, as a reaction to a government of corruption and unprecedented expansion that took place during the administration of George W. Bush. These modern-day tea partiers had the objectives of promoting honesty, respect for the rule of law, and most importantly the protection of the individual citizen, as their stated goals. The whole grassroots movement became a reality on the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party. In mid-February of 2008, founding member Rick Santelli appeared on cable news network CNBC and called for a “modern-day tea party in July.” Supporters responded by setting up an online tea party website. This was met with, according to them, “Tens of thousands of e-mails and passionate pleas for government accountability.” Over five million dollars were raised in support of a candidate who reflected their goals and ideals. The purpose of the movement became clear as one of non-partisan debate looking for solutions. Party-line politicians from both sides of the aisle were advised to “take a more independent and reasoned stance on the issues facing our country.” But unfortunately, what started out as a grassroots movement with good intentions has turned into a very different more

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