Friday, January 8, 2010

Virginia Tea Party Federation Formed

The Tea Party/Patriot movement in Virginia has gathered significant strength with the formation of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation. The non-partisan federation is a coalition of tea party and 9/12 grassroots groups in Virginia. The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation currently has 36 member organizations that represent more than 20,000 Virginians. Jamie Radtke, Chairman of the Federation, says, "Our primary goal is to help local, independent patriot groups grow in numbers and influence. Up until recently we have been a fragmented movement, but that has all changed and we are now united in Virginia. "We will be a major player in Virginia politics moving forward. This is so far beyond partisan politics for people involved in the tea party patriot movement. All of us are sick of career politicians in both parties who have no regard for the Constitution or limited government." more

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