Saturday, January 9, 2010

Washington Liberals Find This Election Isn't Their Cup of Tea

One of the biggest threats to Obama is the Tea Party movement that has been brewing for nearly a year and could be a big difference maker in 2010. The grassroots effort pulled together up to 4 million people in hundreds of events across the nation in 2009, highlighted by nationwide protests on Tax Day April 15. Now the anger and frustration from ordinary voters has coalesced into a movement fighting big government, so-called health care reform and most of the other lefty plans of Obama and company. Instead of going away, it’s still gaining momentum. Comic songwriter Ray Stevens channeled tea party sentiments in a song released Dec. 11 called “We The People.” “You vote Obamacare, we’ll vote you outta there!” warned the video which has already been viewed 1,400,000 times in less than a month. The Tea Party movement is fighting the left of both more

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