Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ralph Nader On The Tea Party: "There's nothing there"

From an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

On the Tea Party Movement:

"There's nothing there. These are people who have other grievances other than the health issue. They're pro-NRA, pro-life, all that, and they're brought in under another umbrella."

"It's good they're speaking out. But it's not new energy. It's old energy. It's people who have already protested in their own way and have been brought together."

Can it become a political force in the 2010 elections?

"Not unless it congeals to break the conservatives off from the corporatists in the Republican Party. That fissure is possible but the Tea Party doesn't do it.

"The Tea Party people were brought in to focus on the government as the ogre but the issue is the corporations who are running the goverment from Wall Street."

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