Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RNC Chairman Steele: I'd join the tea parties

Michael Steele said Tuesday that if he was not chairman of the Republican National Committee, he’d be a tea party protester. “As I like to tell people — long before there was this big push on tea parties — if I wasn't doing this job, I'd be out there with the tea partiers,” Steele said during an interview with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto. Steele said the “schism” between the anti-tax protesters and the GOP is “overrated” — despite the fact that tea party organizers refuse to align themselves with the Republican Party. “The reality is there's enough things we have in common to fight for than to waste time fighting against each other on one or two things that don't really matter,” the RNC chairman said, though he did not elaborate on which issues are not important. Steele has actively been courting tea party groups, helping to put together a rally outside the U.S. Capitol and teaming up on health care with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey — whose group FreedomWorks organizes tea party protests around the country...Read more

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